11 ft. Netless Hammocks

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*For single layer hammocks choose "Fabric Option 1" only. For double layer hammocks choose both "Fabric Option 1" and "Fabric Option 2". Option 1 will be the inside layer and Option 2 will be the outside layer.*

Now you can get your own Hexon, NylonD, Dobby, and ARGON hammock body already pre-sewn into your own single or double layer hammock. Build your own suspension, or choose from our collection of pre-made suspensions. The hammock body comes hemmed on all four sides and a triple sewn channel on the ends. Hammock bodies are 58" wide and 11 ft long. It also comes with a double ended stuff sack made out of ARGON Sil. NylonD is made from Nylon and has a diamond weave pattern. Argon is made from nylon and has a soft feel and an extra strong ripstop.  Dobby has a cool checkered pattern and is Polyester and Nylon weave for a very strong low stretch hammock.  The Hexon is my premier fabric with 3 different weights and many different colors.  For the DOUBLE LAYER HAMMOCK there is a 30 inch opening between the layers to insert insulation.   Just pick from our many different fabrics and colors.  Make a hammock that can hold 500 pounds or pick your favorite teams colors.  Just pick the outside and inside layers. 


There is an optional Ridgeline available made from spliced Lash it.  There is also Two great suspensions to choose from that have been discounted, the whoopie hook suspension and the cinch buckle suspension with Titanium Dutch Clips.  If you choose no suspension the hammock will come with a wire tie to hold it in place.  

Sewn by Dutchware and of course, Made in the USA.



NylonD-Nylon with a diamond weave, strong for weight ratio and satin like feel. Comes in two weights, 1.0 and 1.6 ounce per square yard.

ARGON -Nylon with a square ripstop grid, Strong and has a cotton like feel. Comes in one weight, 1.6 ounce per square yard. Weight rating - 275 pounds

Hexon-Nylon with a textured feel and a unique 4 way ripstop.  Comes in 3 weights, 1.0, 1.6 and 2.4 ounce per square yard. Weight rating - 1.0 = 250 Pounds, 1.6 = 350 Pounds, 2.4 = 400 Pounds

Dobby-Polyester and Nylon weave with a psychedelic checkered pattern.  Comes in one weight, 1.9 ounce per square yard. Weight rating - 325 Pounds

Multicam - Ripstop Nylon. Comes in one weight, 1.5 ounce per square yard. Weight rating - 285 Pounds



Fixed structural Ridgeline made at 83% of the hammock length.


Whoopie-Hook Suspension with Tree Huggers: comes with two Continuous Loops, two Whoopie Slings with Whoopie Hooks, and two 4ft or 5ft Tree Huggers  (Additional weight: 104 grams; 116 grams with 5ft huggers)

Cinch-Buckle Suspension: comes with two Cinch Buckles with Continuous Loops, 15ft Webbing Straps, Titanium Dutch Clips (sewn on) (Additional weight: 252 grams) 


What is the Knotty Mod?

I recently bought an argon 11ft. Dutch hammock. Wow! It is so comfortable. It has the ridge line and cinch buckle suspension. Preparing for our coldest night this month, I ordered the winter sock. It is perfect with this hammock and really does the job. My hammock gear incubator and burrow make this a great setup for winter camping. Thanks, Dutch, for great products and wonderful customer service!
I own two of these and my kids rough-house in them and twist up and do acrobatics from them and they are holding together fine. Not to mention the occasional hiking trip! Comfy and great quality.
I love my 1.0 Hexon Knotty Mod hammock with the double ended stuff sack. I also love the craftsmanship and customer service that came with my hammock. When researching options for my hammock, I didn't know what options would fit my needs and my body size, 5'3". Dutch was able to help me choose the best hammock for me. My husband, (average male size) was skeptical of the light weight fabric, I had him set it up in our yard, and caught him napping in it twice!
When I ordered my hammock, it came the wrong length. I didn't notice right away, and took it backpacking. I contacted DutchWare when I got back, and promptly heard back from them. I mailed back my hammock and was shipped the right size shortly after. No hassles, no fuss.
I use my hammock for backpacking in the White Mountains. My last trip, it snowed and the wind was gusting like it does at the top of the mountain. The Knotty Mod kept the footbox of my sleeping bag from flopping off the side of the hammock, which helped keep me warm and comfortable. I look forward to my future purchases.
Ordered a Hexon 1.6 hammock with dyneema/polypro straps and cinch buckles for a convenient and quick setup. I was very impressed with the speed at which Dutch was able to send me my hammock!

After taking it out on a quick overnighter I have only positive things to say about the high quality of the materials and obvious attention to detail that went into the hammock.

Another cool touch was the weights of everything in my order on the packing slip. Nice to know if I decide to delve into "Gram Weenie" territory I can lose roughly two ounces by leaving the cinch buckles at home!
I got the argon for my wife. Now I'm going to have to order me one!!! I've laid in quite a few hammocks, but these are awesome! The quality and detail is amazing. Great hammock for the price!
I bought a double layer Hexon 1.0 so I could slip my pad in between the layers. It works really well. I also got the static ridge line and it is perfect for that off axis flat lay I never had with the cheap imitation of a hammock I bought last year to see if I even liked hanging.

The Whoopie sling / Dutch clip suspension is quick, easy and light.

The Dutch Elves were quick to make my order and ship it out, always appreciated. I'm really glad I bought this gear.
i can't say enough about my new hammock. Hexon 1.0 brilliant blue inner, Dobby 1.9 olive drab outer. Knotty mod, and fixed ridgeline. Dutch recommended this combo to me, and this is the most comfortable hammock I've ever used. I have four other hammocks , so I have spent a fair amount of time with them. I don't think I could sleep in any of my other ones after this. Being able to put a self inflating pad between the layers , (and didn't move all over the place) , is priceless. Way to go Dutch!!
Very well made and comfortable. Thanks Dutch
Dutch and his team have the best customer service and quality you can only get from being hand made in the USA! I got the 11-foot Argon some time ago and love it! The texture is great, living in Arkansas I sleep with just shorts on and I normally can't stand poly materials. I have mishung this hammock so tight I broke my zingit ridgeline when I layed down in it. Total newby mistake, trees were way to far apart. Thankfully Dutchs gear is so high quality that my hammock survived my abuse!
First of all service is something that I can't love enough, second the quality of my hammock is flawless and exactly as explained, third speed of my order was WAY faster than I expected, all in all I love my hammock and Dutch will be my provider for supplies without a doubt.
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