25 Feet of Zing It or Lash It

Weight: 12.9 grams per item
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We now have Red Zing It by the 25 foot increments. 

Made from Dyneema fiber, this rope yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch and longest wear life available.

The proprietary urethane coating Samthane adds to the rope’s wear life, ensures the knot-holding capability of the rope, and gives the rope its distinctive yellow color.

Offering in 25ft. lengths. Cuts in 25 foot lengths of Zing-it is the perfect compliment to the Flyz, Wasps, Stingerz and Dutch hooks . Sold in 25 foot increments however the order will come as 1 piece or hank. Examples: if you order 2 units you will get a 50' rope, if you order 5 units you wil get a 125' rope, etc. up to 150'.

These are also available in 180 ft spools here 

Zing-it 1.75mm Red & Yellow

Zing-it 2.2mm Yellow

Lash-it 1.75mm Grey

Sold in 25 foot increments however the order will come as 1 piece.

Price: $5.50 – QTY of 1 equal 25ft .5grams/foot


A Gram-weenie's best friend!

This stuff is amazing for lightweight camping. Light, incredibly strong, and works perfectly with Dutch Flyz and Fleaz and Stingerz and...

Perfect for tarp and hammock ridge lines and works perfectly as guy lines with Fleaz and LineLocs.

I like yellow for visibility but comes in red and grey too.

Order lots because you'll find a million uses for it.
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