The titanium Dutch hooks (Single)

Weight: 0.400 grams per item
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The Dutch hook is to the continuous ridge line what the Dutch clip is to webbing suspension. Made of titanium this little mighty hook will hold up to the strongest winds and only weighs 0.4 grams. It ties or splices to the end of your 1.75mm tarp line and you just simply reach around the tree and hook the line. A tarp flyz in the other side completes the ridgeline. You can also put the Dutch hook on prussiks and you have a quick release to detach your tarp from your ridgeline.


The best! Really must use with Zing it which you won't find any where so just get it here! Ships incredibly fast and these make set up a breeze! With Dutchware you can create so many custom setups it unreal. I think this hook is a great starting point to use in conjunction with stingers, wasps, flyz etc.
Had Dutch put a couple of these on two 12' pieces of Lash It and they made setting up my tarp a breeze. I put my tree straps and these tarp lines on each tree. Then I attach these lines to the Tarp Fleaz permanently on my tarp. Then I hang my hammock. If my tarp isn't center, you can quickly adjust it.
These clips weigh next to nothing and open up a lot of options for rigging your Hammock, either the body or the tarp. I have one minor complaint that is more a suggestion. These will apparently only work on rope of a diameter less than the Amsteel I am using. I think maybe ZingIt? I have no experience here so it is hard to say. Offering more sizes would be welcome. Would definitely buy again!
These hooks are so tiny it is hard to justify not using them when trying to save weight, they are almost weightless. They also provide a great way to anchor to a tree for my tarp along with the suggested prussic on the ridgeline. Great stuff. I placed my order Saturday night and it arrived all the way down here in Texas on Monday!i got enough to give to a friend, we will be so excited about them.
Perfectly sized for zingit! Makes ridgeline setup with a wasp at the other end very fast, light, easy, and inexpensive!
Using these to the tree, no knots at all. The loose end goes straight to the fleaz. Extremely light, extremely simple, and extremely fast. Also saved me roughly 3 oz of line using this set up, and has held up in a pretty nasty cold weather wind storm in Northern Michigan early Spring.
This thing is amazing!! It's smaller than I was expecting. I at first thought that Dutch had forgotten to ship this hook, but it's so small I didn't see it mixed in with my other D-Rings. Works great with my Zing-It. Thanks!!
Perfect for setting up my ridge line using Zing-it.
They work well, but the hook is just a bit small for 7/64 amsteel. It still worked, but slightly cut the amsteel. All-in-all very nice though.
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