Dyneema/Polypro Tree Straps (Pair)

Weight: 62.06 grams per item
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 This is a 1 inch Dyneema and polypropylene mixed webbing which is what gives it the cool look. We've designed this webbing to be a lighter weight (4.9 grams per foot) alternative to regular polyester webbing but still work with buckles unlike kevlar webbing. This is a great middle ground when it comes to webbings. The key features of this webbing are that it weighs less than polyester webbing,  has very low stretch and it works perfect with cinch buckles, spiders, Dutch buckles, etc.

Tree straps have one 3.5 inch loop on one side and the other end is cut straight and melted.  They can be used for the marlin spike hitch,  the Dutch Buckle and cinch buckles.  They are sold in pairs.

Rated by the manufacturer up to 1500 lbs.

Weighs 4.9 grams per foot



Got these along with the cinch buckle kit and just spent a week camping. Setup is very convenient. This product did stretch but not excessively. However it did slip and I'm not even a big guy. Passing the strap through the buckle again and tying a half hitch fixed it though.
These arrived after a very short 3day turn around. Lighting fast!

I put them around the tree with soft shackles made from Amsteel that is sold on this site as well. I use a sheet bend to attach these straps directly to the continuos loop on the hammock body. The material of the straps seems pretty durable but is still supple enough to accept the knot and release easily after the hang and while adjusting. Also there seemed to be very little stretch in the straps while hanging and they stayed in place around the tree.

I bought the longest version of the strap 15". This makes it possible to wrap the tree a few times to better protect tree and still have some strap left over hanging down as a rain break. This method of strap only suspension is a little heavier (a matter of grams) than some but very simple.

I usually end up retying the sheet bend a couple times on either side to get the adjustment right. This is not as straightforward as adjusting a buckle or a whoopie but I'm probably only clocking a few more seconds on set up.

These are solid straps. Thanks Dutch!!!!!
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