Tarp Flyz
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Tarp Flyz (Pair)


$15.00 (3.3 grams)

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Tarp Flyz – A truly unique device developed to connect your tarp to a tree with thin 1.75mm hollow braid line.

Made from titanium, Dutch Flyz are the smallest, strongest, and fastest way to tie off to a tree without actually tying and untying a knot, even when wearing mittens.

Designed for the most weight conscious hiker Dutch Flyz weigh only 2 grams.

They can be moved easily to any part of your ridgeline and quickly locked into position. Their unique design will hold in the windiest condition and never need a backup knot.


Tarp Flyz: We can splice 2 tarp flyz on 12ft (finished length) of zing-it or lash-it with a locked brummel on one end to larks head to your tarp and back spliced the other end so they are easy to install, can never come off, has a professional finished look.



Like all of Dutch's little doo-hickys, these things are awesome. Love not havin to tie, untie, and move knots around. Simply pull, wrap, and done.


Simply amazing, much better system than my previous nite-ize figure 9's, plus with these you get to use more of the tarp line if the trees are too far apart.

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