Hammock Stuff

Dutch Buckle (Pair)

The Dutch Buckle   is specifically designed to replace the marlin spike hitch with a light, faster, and safer method of connecting the whoopie... More 

Titanium Dutch Clips (Pair)

The Titanium Dutch Clip is designed specifically for webbing based hammock suspensions. The Dutch Clip replaces a carabiner for a quick connection... More 

Whoopie Hooks (Pair)

These hooks are robust and made from Titanium. They weigh only 3.4 grams and will hold up to 1000 pounds. They replace the whoopie bead with a hook that... More 

Titanium Ridgeline Biners (Single)

This biner is meant solely for hammock ridgeline and are not rated for hammock suspension. This titanium biner is strong enough to hold your... More 

Tree Huggers (pair)

Tree huggers are used to protect the trees from narrower rope cutting into the bark.  They have t wo 3.5″ sewn loops (1 loop at each... More 

Cinch Buckle (pair)

The cinch buckles are the most simplistic and easiest way to hang your hammock. These timeless devices have proven themselves in all kinds of weather. They... More 

LED Ridgelight (Single)

Micro LED Light: Bright enough to read by, this LED micro light is perfect to hang above you on your ridgeline. Weighing in at only 6 grams you... More 

Tree Straps (Pair)

  Tree straps have one 3.5 inch loop on one side and the other end is cut straight and melted.  They can be used for the marlin spike... More 

LED Lighted Zipper Pulls (Single)

LED lighted zipper pulls – A small LED light will make it so you don’t lose your hammock in the dark again. Also make great zipper pulls for... More 

25 feet of Amsteel
$5.50   $5.25

Now available in 7/64 and 1/8th For those who prefer to make their own whoopie slings and Continuous loops, Dutchware can provide... More 

Gift Certificate

Electronic gift certificate Once we receive your payment/order – By default we email the recipient their gift certificate voucher code and... More 

Dutch Biners (Pair)

  The original Dutch Biner-When the whoopie sling came out, and people started using amsteel, I designed this biner for exactly the purpose of... More 

Amsteel Continuous Loops (Single)

  Amsteel Continuous Loops   These are sold indiviually so you can pick two different colors.   Most hammocks... More 

Amsteel Whoopie Slings (single)

Whoopies slings - These are sold individually so you can pick different colors Whoopie Slings are one of the most adjustable and lightest way to... More 

Cinch Buckle Complete Suspension
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This is a full kit that utilizes out Cinch Buckle , Tree Straps ,  Dutch Clips , as well as a 8" Continuous Loop wrapped and sliced to the buckels.... More 

Whoopie Hook Suspension
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Made from titanium these aren’t you father’s hooks. They weigh only 3.4 grams and will hold up to 1000 pounds. They replace the whoopie bead... More 

Custom Item

This section is for our customers to be able to have a custom items made and have a method of paying for those items. Email or phone contact with us is... More 

Dutch Buckle Suspension Kit
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This is a full kit that utilizes the Dutch Buckle , Tree Straps , Whoopie Slings and Dutch Clips .   Each Whoopie sling is selected... More 

StrapBuckle (Pair)

  Dream Hammock's StrapBuckle is a hammock suspension accessory that attaches to your 1" wide tree straps. It can be configured in several ways... More 

SpotLit LED Carabiner Light

The Nite Ize SpotLit LED is the perfect mini-beacon whenever you need a little help in the dark. Set in a lightweight stainless steel carabiner, it... More 

Titanium Bridge Hammock End-Set of 4

Made from titanium, these bridge hammock ends hold everything together.  They have a half inch slot for 1/2 inch webbing, a center hole that... More 

2 inch webbing by the foot

This 2 inch black seatbelt webbing and 2 inch orange webbing is for the hiker who want to be extra easy on the trees or would like the extra safety... More 

Ridgeline "Party" lights

These festive lights will light up the area and help you find your way back to your hammock.  They are about 12 feet long and and they have 30... More 

25 Feet of Camo Webbing

1 inch camo polyester webbing with 1500 pound breaking strength. Ideal for tree huggers and straps with very low stretch and high abrasion resistance. Our... More 

Double Hammock Whoopie Hooks (Pair)

These are like the whoopie hooks that have been used for years with one twist. They have an extra hole to recieve a spreader bar.  This way you can... More 

Adutchable Clips (pair)

This innovative clip is an adjustable buckle and a Dutch Clip all in one.  It can be used with a 15 foot webbing strap as the entire suspension or in... More 

Dutchware Sticker

Now you can show off your bling pride with your Dutchware Sticker.  They measure 4 inches around and will make your car or cooler worth more.


This is a handy device that will make it so you have a 30 degree angle everytime.  It works with rope, webbing, or amsteel suspensions. 

Pee bags

There are two Pee Bags per package.  These bags allow you to go without leaving the warmth of your hammock.   The RESTOP®... More 

Titanium Cinch Buckle (pair)

After over a year of developing, the Titanium Cinch Buckle is finally a reality.  These are made in house by Dutchware and they have a... More 

Double Ended Stuff Sack

This is the perfect stuffsack for hammocks.  It has an opening on both sides with drawcords and cord locks.   If your suspension is... More 

ARGON Vented Sock

  This is my version of a summer and winter sock.  It has a panel of Nanoseeum at the head that you can turn to a varying degree to... More 

Structural and Adjustable Ridgelines

We offer different types of structural ridgelines both adjustable and fixed.  We have fixed ones that are both 100 and 110 inches for 10 and 11 foot... More 

Fronkey Style Bugnet

  This is the Fronkey Style bugnet.  Trevor is the inventor and an avid hiker, diy'r and all around good guy.  It is to be used with... More 

Sew-on Dutch Clips (Pair)

This is a Sew-on version of the popular Titanium Dutch Clip and must have the loop sewn around the clip.  The regular style that doesn't need sewn... More 

10 feet of 1" Kevlar® Webbing

  Kevlar® 1" Webbing is one of the lightest and strongest webbings available.  It has a 2000 pound breaking strength and weighs just 3.3... More 

Kevlar® Tree Huggers (pair)

Tree huggers are used to protect the trees from narrower rope cutting into the bark.  They have two 3.5″ sewn loops (1 loop at each end) and are... More 

Kevlar® Tree Straps (Pair)
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Tree straps are used to protect the trees from narrower rope cutting into the bark.  They have one 3.5″ sewn loop on one side and the other... More 

Cinch Bugs on Camo Webbing (pair)
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Cinch Bugs are a simple and light way to hang your hammock.  This may be the perfect cinch buckle.  You can use them with a bridge or gathered... More 

Half-Wit Hammock
$98.00   $90.00

There could be up to a week delay on shipping these out. Now you can get your hammock with an attached half bugnet.  We designed this to... More 

Netless Hammocks

Now you can get your own PolyD, NylonD and ARGON hammock body already pre-sewn. Build your own suspension, or choose from our collection of pre-made... More