Ridgeline Quilt Hooks (Single)

Weight: 0.46 grams per item
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Ridgeline Quilt Hooks clip directly to your quilt’s shock cord and change the direction of your quilt suspension.  Rather than pulling out to the ends of the hammock it makes it so your suspension is pulling up snugging the quilt tightly against your hammock.  They are sold individually but 2 are recommended per quilt.    They come in white or black.  Get one of each color so you can easily tell which end is your head and foot.  Designed and produced in the USA by Tato Gear.



Whoever invented these I hope he's living on an island
Just used these for a couple of nights and am very pleased. I've occasionally had issues with underquilt drafts and have struggled to get my suspension "dialed in". These hooks are super-easy to install and seem to work very well. Could easily be the best bang for the buck of any of my hammock gear.
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